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The first of the kimono’s I’m selling. I’ve decided to keep hold of two of them but I’ll be posting three up, including this one…

FS: SD13 Furisode
This furisode style kimono is utterly gorgeous and I’m sad to let it go but I never use it anymore… it’s fully lined and constructed to have the look of two layers, with a false collar and under layer in a contrasting fabric.It’s made for SD13 girls but fits boys around that size perfectly too. It’s pictured on an Elfdoll Aurora Soah, though I obviously took some liberties with the styling for that shot as the obi’s knot is intended to be worn at the back etc.

The kimono comes with:

  • Kimono (And cord tie to secure it under the obi)
  • Obi (pre-tyed into a bow and secures with discreet velcro so no need to worry about tying it yourself)
  • Red Obi age
  • Blue cord Obi jime

Given the handmade nature and high quality of the kimono I’m asking $120 +shipping, though that’s much less than I paid for it myself. Drop me a message here or on DoA (my username’s River) if you’re interested in it <3

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